Disposable socks

Have you ever been to a shoe store and didn't have socks to try on? Disposable socks are our salvation on these occasions.

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    These socks can be used to try on shoes as well as for massage centres, spas, airports, hospitals, health centres and any business where you have to take your shoes off. The disposable plastic socks protect your foot from possible dirt on the floor and insulate it from contaminating agents.


    Protection and hygiene.
    Comfortable and easy to use.
    Isolation against contaminating agents.
    Fresh and flexible

    These disposable socks are very common in hospitals where hygiene is a top priority. As they are single-use, these disposable hospital socks are completely hygienic, as they only need to be placed in the appropriate container after use. Moreover, they do not produce lint, as they do not contaminate by themselves.

    It is also very common to use disposable surgical and x-ray socks where hygiene is essential and it is essential to prevent any possible corruption of the environment.

    Our disposable socks are made of polyethylene and have a transparent finish. Although they are one size fits all, they are very flexible so they will adapt perfectly to your foot. In addition to being comfortable and easy to use, the socks are very cool so they won't give you too much heat.

    At Monouso we have two lots available of 500 and 5000 units so you never run out of disposable socks in your business - keep your shoes clean and protect your customers!

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