MiniServis Paper Napkins 17x17cm

The Paper Napkins 17x17 MiniServis are the most used in bars and tables of bars and cafes. They are commonly known as MiniServis Napkins and are a type of napkins that can be made of either sulphite or tissue paper, depending on the quality. Sulfite Paper Napkins 17x17 are more economical and resistant to grease, but have almost no absorption capacity for cleaning and a rough touch. However, the 17x17 Tissue Paper Napkins are much better for cleaning, due to its better absorption, are elastic and have a softer touch. In MonoUso you will find them in different colors and with special motifs.

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The Paper Napkins 17x17 or also called Miniservis are perfect for use in cafes, bars, bakeries, etc. Any business related to the hospitality industry requires napkins to provide good service. They are mainly used for napkin rings in bars, tables and terraces. Also, they can be used for domestic use, if you have napkin rings at home for your family to use. They are very useful for family celebrations of all kinds.  For any special occasion at home, with these 17x17 Napkins you will have more than enough.

The Disposable Napkins 17x17 are designed to rest inside a Napkin Dispenser. Usually a Disposable Napkin Holder can hold 100 Miniservis so you don't have to replenish them daily.

These 17x17 Tissue Paper Napkins are usually customized as they are placed on the bar or table of any establishment and are the perfect advertising support. You can usually print at 1 or 2 inks. The Miniservis are presented with a special folding leaving a lower flap in the 1 that is usually printed messages such as "Thank you for your visit", although you could put the logo of the business or any other text or image you want.

These Tissue Napkins 17x17 are ideal for being in contact with food. Quality, softness and absorption at the best price. Apart from using them for cleaning, it is very common to present food on plates.  Just place the Miniservis Napkins and on it, whatever you want to serve: pastries, sandwiches, snacks, etc. It is very common to use it in breakfast services where you serve toast or any kind of pastries, for example. This way the food does not slip off the plate, excess oil is absorbed and you are assured of a better presentation of the food.

In general, the Paper Miniservis 17x17 are highly recommended for any occasion that requires a comfortable and effective service and also suitable for Universal Napkin Holders. We also have an interesting and attractive variety of 17x17 Paper Napkins for sale. Take a look at the variety of colors (green, orange, black...) and the original prints (with the text "Buen provecho", flowers...). Original and beautiful designs to dress your business or home, with style and grace.

If these are not the napkins you are looking for, take a walk online through MonoUso.  Here you will find a wide selection of Paper Napkins for all tastes and needs. You can choose the Paper Napkins 17x17 14x14 zigzag, another of the most used formats in bars. If you want to celebrate some kind of event, we recommend the 20x20 cocktail Paper Napkins or if your business requires higher quality napkins, you can choose the elegant kanguro Airlaid Napkins or the Airlaid Premium Napkins to give your establishment a plus of style.

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