Paper Napkins 33x33cm

Paper napkins 33x33 are the most used in the hotel industry. It is a multi-layer napkin, economical and perfect for serving meals in bars and restaurants. In MonoUso you will find Paper Napkins of different colors and prints so you can choose the one that best suits your business.

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The Paper Napkins 33x33 cm, a little bigger than the Paper Napkins 30x30 cm, are the most used when serving economical daily menus. Folded at ¼, our Decorated Paper Napkins are available in different qualities: in Economy Single Layer Paper Napkin or Double Layer Paper Napkin Point-to-Point version.

Being Tissue Paper Napkins, these Paper Cloths are very soft, elastic, voluminous, resistant and with high absorption and cleaning power. They are sheets of cellulose paper joined by an embossing. With each additional layer, the napkin is harder, more resistant and absorbent.

The Paper Napkins 33x33 are highly recommended for bars and restaurants that serve lunch or dinner at reduced prices or menus of the day, and are also a very practical resource for organizing business lunches or dinners. You can clean with them, use them for plating and even wrap the cutlery with them for the daily menus.

In general, both the 33x33 Paper Napkins and the 30x30 Paper Napkins are also interesting for home use. If you prefer to use paper for cleaning at home, these napkins are perfect and you can also choose in different colors to give it a personal touch.

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