Paper Napkins 40x40cm

The Paper Napkins 40x40, are the most used in the world of hospitality. They are 2-ply napkins perfect for use in lunch and dinner services. Available in 1/8th American fold or normal fold ¼, without a doubt you will find the best disposable paper napkins in our catalogue. If you are looking for the highest quality in cellulose and attractive colors, take a look. 

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The 40x40 Paper Napkins are also known as End-to-End Napkins or Double Point Napkins, a name that defines the embossing process applied from one end to the other of these napkins. 

Thanks to this special manufacturing method, which works with the best quality cellulose, this Paper Napkin acquires great volume and extraordinary softness. What happens with this type of embossing is that the napkins are dotted and glued point by point, so that small air cells are created which give them greater resistance and a spongier texture. If you touch these Napkins Point-to-Point you will notice that they simulate a fabric effect and this is achieved without any mixture of materials, only with cellulose.

These open paper napkins measure 40x40cm and come in different formats: Folded 1/4 in 20x20cm square or 1/8 or American fold of 20x10cm. Thanks to their end-to-end embossing, they are very soft, voluminous, resistant napkins with high absorption and cleaning power.

This type of 40x40 End-to-End Napkins are an ideal range for restaurants. At MonoUso we also have a wide selection of colours to make them look divine in your establishment or even in your home if you want: lilac, orange, black, salmon, cream, yellow, prairie, pistachio, green, blue...and for those who love simplicity you can always count on the classic white or the ecological paper napkin.

These are classy, stylish napkins that will give your service a lot of presence in bars or restaurants. They are the perfect resource to give lunch and dinner in your place, but the truth is that they are very versatile, and you can use them to give other types of services, including events. With them, you can wrap the cutlery to prepare your tables for lunch or dinner services, leaving everything ready and happy. If your business also provides higher quality breakfasts, lunches or snacks, these napkins are perfect for diners.

In general, these napkins are also interesting for domestic use. If you prefer to use quality paper for cleaning at home, these napkins are perfect and you can also choose from a variety of colors to add a personal touch to your home.

The 40x40 paper napkins can also be personalized, and can be used as a colourful advertising medium. They can usually be printed with 1 or 2 inks. In any case, it is an aspect to be consulted in order to take it into account.

Without a doubt, these Disposable 40x40 Paper Napkins are among the most used because of their great quality and versatility. What are you waiting for to buy yours? And if these are not the napkins you are looking for, take a virtual tour of MonoUso. Here you will find the product that best suits your needs and budget, you can choose from the 17x17 Miniservis Paper Napkins or the 30x30 and 33x33 Paper Napkins, or you can choose from the 14x14 Zigzag Paper Napkins or others of higher quality such as the kanguro Airlaid Napkins or the Airlaid Premium Napkins. A whole universe of Paper Napkins is waiting for you on our website.

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