Zig Zag Paper Napkins 14x14cm

14x14 Paper Napkins are the most economical napkins and are usually used in bars or bar terraces. Also, although less common, they can be used at home if you have napkin rings for the family. These Sulfite Napkins are commonly known as ZigZag Paper Napkins, because they come out interlocked every time you take them out of the napkin box. These Disposable Napkins are white and have a thin border printed on the edge in red or blue. If you prefer to have the Bar Napkins in both colors, you can also buy a package with alternate colors.  

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    14x14 Paper Napkins are a kind of Flat Napkin that is used mostly for bar dispensers, tables and also bar terraces.  These Sulphite Paper Napkins are ideal for contact with food, so you will see them in many catering businesses. They are resistant and do not break when wet by oil or grease from food. That is why they are also commonly used to present food on a plate.

    Bar napkins: a must have for tables in the hotel and catering industry
    It's hard to conceive of a bar table or restaurant without the Bar Napkins, don't you think? They have become a must both for those businesses where you can taste the food in the establishment and take it wherever you want.

    If they are used so much it can only mean one thing: they are a guarantee of hygiene when eating and practical when using them.

    On the other hand, these ZigZag Paper Napkins are an essential resource for any bar, cafeteria or Fast Food venue, or even for any occasion that requires simplicity and practicality. Without a doubt, the 14x14 ZigZag Napkins are an ideal choice for a multitude of circumstances and are also suitable for universal napkin holders. What else can you expect?  They are economical, durable, versatile and provide quality service at low cost. Put 14x14 Paper Napkins in your Dispensers and your customers will be able to comfortably remove the ones they need to use.

    These ZigZag napkins are a simple, convenient and very practical solution to place on the napkin holders in your store, or even at home.  If you have napkin rings at home, they can be very useful for family celebrations of all kinds. If you want to celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion at home, with these napkins you will be more than served.

    Aren't these the napkins you're looking for? At Monouso there is a wide selection of Paper Napkins that will cover each and every one of your needs. You can choose the MiniServis 17x17 napkins in tissue quality one of the most used formats in catering. If you need to celebrate a more special event we recommend the 20x20 Cocktail Paper Napkins or if your business simply requires higher quality napkins, you can choose the elegant Kanguro Airlaid Napkins.

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