Paper Napkin "Zigzag" Blue-Red 14x14 (250 Units)

Ref 45001-250
    Paper Napkin "Zigzag" Blue-Red 14x14 (250 Units)
    • Paper Napkin "Zigzag" Blue-Red 14x14 (250 Units)
    • Paper Napkin "Zigzag" Blue 14x14 (250 Units)
    • Paper Napkin "Zigzag" Blue 14x14 (250 Units)
    • Paper Napkin "Zigzag" Blue 14x14 (250 Units)
    250 Units   €1.15 0,005€/Ud
    25.000 Units €114.95 -20% €91.96 0,004€/Ud
    €1.15 (tax incl.) 0,005€/Ud
    In Stock Quantity

    Price per box of 250 units

    Ref 45001-250

    • Sulphite Paper
    • Square
    • Yes
    • 250

    ZIGZAG Paper Napkin with blue or red decoration.

    The price is for a pack of 250 pieces.

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    Paper napkins sulphite: waterproof and hygienic

    Paper napkins sulphite: waterproof and hygienic

    In your day-to-day business you will most likely need the ideal wrapping for snacks or pastries to take away. Whether it's to deliver a croissant, protect a sandwich or cover a small snack, paper napkins sulphite will offer you extra protection and also prevent your customers from getting their fingers dirty when enjoying your products.

    But how do they offer that extra safety? Because they have a sulphuric acid bath that makes them waterproof. What's more, this special treatment prevents grease from penetrating and deforming them.

    • Waterproof protection: these napkins acquire waterproof properties, preventing grease from penetrating or deforming them.
    • Environmental sustainability: as part of our commitment to the environment, these disposable napkins are easily recyclable in the paper bin, as long as they are free of food waste. We actively contribute to taking care of our environment.
    • Maximum functionality: these napkins are really practical, providing a hygienic and safe solution for food handling in your business. They are easy to use and guarantee a pleasant experience for your customers.

    Data sheet

    Colour Blue
    Total Dimensions 14x14cm
    Design Classic
    Material Sulphite Paper
    Product type Napkin
    Shape Square
    Disposable Yes
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 48183000
    Recyclable Yes
    Type Servilletas y Manteles
    Price for 250
    Dimensions 14x14cm
    Units per Pack 250
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