Sushi Containers

Sushi containers are perfect for presenting your oriental creations in menu mode and for customers to be able to take them from the shop or restaurant to their home or any event. At MonoUso we have a great variety of these Disposable Sushi Containers, perfect for transporting sushi. With the Sushi Containers, the quality and freshness will be maintained, we also have Container Lids, so that the Japanese flavor arrives home!

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To get your sushi pieces in perfect condition to the tables of your shop or to the customers' houses, these Sushi Containers are the most economical solution to give a complete service in an elegant and simple way. It is a comfortable and easy to use packaging for Japanese cuisine with which you will achieve the satisfaction of your customers.

In MonoUso we have several modalities of Sushi Containers according to the type of food, with different aparados for sauces, smaller portions and bigger portions. In addition to Sushi Plates, Sushi Trays and the well-known Chopsticks.

Our Sushi Containers have a transparent and shiny lid that has the ability to improve the appearance of your food, making them gain more presence. In addition, they have an anti-fog effect aimed also at maintaining the visibility of the products on sale while they are hot.

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