Airlaid Premium Tablecloths

Airlaid Tablecloths are the perfect tablecloths for your bar, cafeteria, restaurant or catering service. These TNT Tablecloths will dazzle diners by the elegance of the finishes and the sensation of enjoying food on a tablecloth that looks like fabric.

In this section you will find Individual Airlaid Tablecloths, Airlaid Table Runners and Airlaid Roll Tablecloths, giving you a wide range of possibilities to find the way to dress your table with the Premium Tablecloth that best suits your needs.


At MonoUso we offer a wide catalogue of Airlaid Premium Tablecloths in different colors which make them the perfect ally to dress all your parties and celebrations tables. Forget about washing and ironing, this is the solution that will save you time and money.

What is Airlaid?

Airlaid is a special embossed fabric, soft touch, great absorbency and elegant design that makes the rugs look like fabric. Their fall and lightness give an elegant and sober appearance which makes these products perfect for parties.

How are Airlaid Tablecloths?

Airlaid TNT Tablecloths are the substitute for Fabric Tablecloths of a lifetime. These Premium Rugs are much cheaper than the traditional ones, since they don't have to be ironed and washed, they are directly thrown away.

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