Vichy paper tablecloths

In a roll 100 meters long and one meter wide is the solution to all your problems. Forget about cleaning with the Vichy paper tablecloths. Dress your tables with elegance, durability, softness, without leaving aside the economy of your business. A special product for restaurants, hotels, catering, event organizers and any other food service.

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The use of tablecloths, especially in the hotel and restaurant sector, is a necessity, without a doubt.

By using paper tablecloths in your business you can:

Comply with sanitary regulations.
Maintain order and cleanliness inside or outside your establishment.
Forget about the costs of cleaning traditional tablecloths.
Reduce the costs of replacing your old tablecloths.

Paper tablecloths are among the fastest growing products in the restaurant industry.

As simple as cutting, placing, using, collecting and disposing. Cut another piece of tablecloth, cover the surface and your table is spotless again.

Vichy-checked paper tablecloths are durable, and fit effectively into any type of restaurant.

Do you worry about the fact that they are made of paper?
You don't have to worry about anything. These paper tablecloths are made from top quality materials.

The result achieved is very resistant with a pleasant texture and soft to the touch.

Their appearance is similar to that of traditional fabric, so few will notice that you are using paper tablecloths.

The tablecloths that make up this category come in a roll of 100 metres long and one metre wide, so they can be easily adapted to any type of table.

To help with the informal but elegant decoration of your restaurant, they are available in vibrant red, blue, green and brown, colour options that allow you to adapt the tablecloths to your style.

They are made of top quality cellulose, with a weight that ranges from 34 to 40 g, which allows us to claim that you will have a product that is unmatched.

In addition, you can combine them with our 30x40cm paper placemats and cut paper tablecloths, products that match and will cover your table better.


Fabric or paper
The cloth tablecloths, which are the most frequently used, should be washed regularly to keep them as clean as you want.

The costs of cleaning tablecloths, not counting replacement costs, are higher than expected and even - during high traffic days in your restaurant - can be a significant burden on your finances.

However, innovation at the service of man has, in Vichy paper tablecloths, a substitute for this important member of your restaurant.

Visit the categories in this section and discover all the options you have for your restaurant.

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