Metallic Silver Plastic Cutlery

With the Metallic Plastic Cutlery you can present a table as if it were with real metal cutlery, nobody will notice that they are Silver Disposable Cutlery, their touch and even their appearance make these Disposable Cutlery great.

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For formal presentations at parties or meetings you can use these Metallic Plastic Cutlery, they are perfect for any occasion where you don't want to have to scrub after lunch or dinner. These Silver Plated Plastic Flatware can confuse anyone as they look like real metal flatware at first glance.

Thanks to their perfect imitation of the silver colour and the fact that they are Chrome Plastic Cutlery they look 100% like a shiny metal cutlery. In addition, these Plastic Flatware are very resistant and high quality, its manufacture in polystyrene (PS) makes it the best disposable silverware on the market.

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