Pre-Cut Paper Tablecloths 1x1m

From Monouso we offer you a wide catalogue of cut paper tablecloths, format 100 cm by 100 cm, in different colours and prints. Our Paper Table Cloths are perfect for menu restaurants where the action of ginning and setting up a table must be quick, simple and clean.

These Disposable Tablecloths are ideal for dressing the table in a simple and lively way, protecting it from liquids and scratches.

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    Forget about complications and take advantage of the cut paper tablecloths (format 100cm x 100cm). Moreover, with the tablecloths already cut, you will have the same advantages as with the rest of the paper tablecloths.

    Choose between different sophisticated styles and dress up all the tables in your home or office with them. They are also perfect for events, parties or outdoor activities.

    Decorating tables for birthdays, mass events or restaurants, which offer daily menus, is most of the time a challenge for creativity, since you want to give a different service with a common product. That's why at Monouso we give free rein to the imagination and we offer you a wide range of cut paper tablecloths to make your table something simple but alive.

    These Disposable Tablecloths protect the tables and transmit hygiene and quality. They are paper tablecloths made of cellulose with a grammage of 37 g/m² and 40 g/m², a quality that transfers a soft texture and is very pleasant to the touch.

    And to complete the table, you can use articles with the same quality, design and colours that you will find in our section of Paper Napkins, Plastic Cutlery and Economy Cups.

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