Waterproof Tablecloths 1,2x7m

With the clear objective of not staining the furniture and to be able to clean the table easily we present you these Waterproof Tablecloths. Made from waterproof paper with a plastic layer, these Stain-resistant Table Cover will ensure that diners enjoy their table without worrying about possible spills or marks for life. 

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We want to make sure you find the paper tablecloth you are looking for, so we also have waterproof stain-resistant tablecloths. We include in our catalogue water and stain resistant tablecloths with the same qualities and attractive designs as the paper tablecloths so that you have total freedom to configure your tables according to your mood.

They are softer to the touch than resins and can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth so that you can dress your tables exactly as you wish as often as you like.

Our Waterproof Tablecloths are more natural to the touch than resins and their plasticized layer makes them the best stain and liquid repellent, preventing them from getting through to the table. As the stains remain on the surface of the tablecloth, a simple damp cloth passed over it will remove any remaining dirt. These Stain-repellent Tablecloths guarantee that your table is spotless until the end of your evening.

In MonoUso you will find Anti-Stain White Tablecloths - Waterproof Tablecloths on a Roll, Anti-Stain Colours Tablecloths - Waterproof Tablecloths for Pictures and even Tablecloth Clamps. A complete assortment to protect your table from liquids and stains.

The magic of the stain-resistant tablecloths
If you want to give your tablecloths a second or third use and your guests don't leave a mark, opt for the waterproof stain-repellent tablecloths. You and your guests will enjoy themselves without worrying about those possible spills or marks for life. These tablecloths are also ideal for use outdoors without worrying about the weather spoiling them.

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