UltraClear SOLO® PET Plastic Cups

Make your drinks shine with our UltraClear Solo Cups. As if the sun were passing through the material, let your products reflect the pleasure of being consumed with these Premium Range PET Cups. Thanks to their high quality composition, these Disposable Tumblers offer strength, crystal clear, unbreakable and dynamic. 

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Ultra Clear's SOLO® Plastic Cups offer a quality, far superior to other Cups with Lids, that increases the visibility of the food, and reveals great delights in the presentation of this type of Disposable Packaging.

Thanks to their crystal clear transparency and their ability to be printed they will give an incredible publicity to your products and your company. Although of different capacities, these Solo Cups use the same size of lid thus simplifying their operation and reducing storage costs.

Features of UltraClear SOLO® Plastic Cups

- High clarity and resistance to impact and breakage, reducing customer complaints about spills or damage.

- Offers full-fill capability.

- Rounded edge adds strength to the container and achieves secure lid closure.

- It can be impressed, improving the image and recognition of your business.

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