Coloured Plastic Cups

Colored Plastic Cups liven up your formal and informal parties. These glasses are usually white, so why not add a little color and fun to them? Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, we offer a variety of models that we divide into several categories depending on the material with which we make the Colored Plastic Cups.

In addition, the Coloured Plastic Cups can be combined with the other Coloured Disposable Tableware we offer. It will be a celebration!

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    At Monouso we give you a unique option to make a difference: Coloured Plastic Cups. On the one hand, those made of polystyrene (PS), which offer a great thermal insulation; specially designed for hot drinks, they are ideal for coffee machines. On the other hand, the Coloured Plastic Injection Cups, which offer the same rigidity as glass cups with the big difference that they do not break if they are dropped or hit; a good option to take away in bars and restaurants. And, finally, the American Party Cups, which are very light as well as resistant; excellent choice when organizing a party with friends and family so they can have their drink while they dance and chat.

    To complement these Colored Party Cups you have the Colored Party Cups and the Colored Party Napkins. And if you have a catering business, in MonoUso we have a wide range of Food Packaging specially designed for you: from Plastic Food Packaging, Thermal Food Packaging, Cardboard Food Packaging, Ecological Food Packaging, Plastic Bags, Paper Bags and Paper Table Cloths.

    And all this with the cheapest price on the Internet guaranteed! If you want to buy coloured plastic cups we have them available in bags of less than 100 units and in boxes of more than 150 units. In addition, in the boxes we make a 20% discount by volume of order. We have a fast transport service that guarantees delivery in a maximum of 48 hours to your home.

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