Decorative Paper Napkins

When it comes to setting the table, there is nothing more elegant than giving it a touch of joy with Decorated Paper Napkins. The best Disposable Napkins to present art to the guests. In this section you will find Decorated Napkins with different motifs, landscapes and shapes. Without a doubt, these Patterned Paper Napkins will give a touch of exclusivity to your business, event or catering. You will find them in the format Decorated Napkins 40x40 or Decorated Paper Cloths.

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The Decorated Paper Napkins, soft, voluminous, resistant and with high absorption and cleaning power, are the Disposable Napkins that will become the works of art on your table. Flowers, landscapes, clocks, monuments and geometric shapes are the main prints that decorate these Cellulose Papers.

They are also known as End-to-End Napkins due to the embossing process applied from one end to the other of these napkins.  Thanks to this special manufacturing method, which works with the best quality cellulose, these Decorated Napkins acquire great volume and extraordinary softness. What happens with this type of embossing is that the napkins are dotted and glued point by point, so that small air cells are created which give them greater resistance and a spongier texture. If you touch these Double Dotted Napkins you will notice that they simulate a fabric effect and this is achieved without any mixture of materials, only with cellulose.

This type of paper napkins can be found in two models. On the one hand the Decorated Paper Napkins 40x40 whose class and style will give prestige to your service in bars or restaurants. In general, these napkins are also interesting for domestic use. On the other hand, there are also the Decorated Paper Cutlery Holders, considered the best protectors of our forks and knives when presented at the table. These Design Kangaroos are ideal to give a sensation of hygiene, cleanliness and distinction in events where elegance is reflected in the table and service.

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