Disposable cups

These disposable cups are a selection of the products you can find in the categories of plastic cups and paper and cardboard cups. 

Disposable cups are perfect for all types of catering businesses, especially take away cups, as they are convenient for transporting the drink. They are practical, with original designs and best of all, they are environmentally friendly.

Of different sizes and materials (cardboard, corn starch made of PLA, biodegradable plastic), they are part of the disposable tableware in which we can find a wide variety of products ideal for their condition, functionality and occasion.

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    Disposable cups are the ideal solution to offer your customers the possibility to enjoy their drink (hot or cold) to go. In addition, their environmental friendliness makes them even more attractive, as these products usually have a short lifespan. In this category you can find a wide variety of designs, sizes and capacities (ordered from lowest to highest), you just have to choose the one that suits your business!

    Still not convinced? We tell you what the advantages of disposable cups are so you can get out of it:  

    Convenience and time saving by not having to store or wash them after use.
    The material they are made of is ecological and biodegradable, that is, they decompose easily and are kind to nature.
    They are practical and maintain the temperature of the liquids they contain.
    Multipurpose. They are designed for take away use, but can be used for all kinds of parties and celebrations. Cardboard cups, corn starch cups made of PLA or biodegradable plastic have in common their resistance and difficulty to break.
    The amount of waste generated by catering businesses around drinks is very high, so from Monouso we offer you a solution so that your customers do not give up their favourite drink while giving a hand to the environment.

    If you want to know what disposable cups can do for you, we recommend you to visit our blog.  

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