TakeOut Boxes

Take-out boxes are an indispensable element for any business. In our wide range of Cardboard Packaging you will find the one you need: White Cardboard Boxes, Kraft Cardboard Boxes, Boxes with Lids, Wok Cardboard Boxes and Deli Cardboard Boxes. All of them perfect for the customer to enjoy the food without getting his hands dirty and without dirtying other containers. They keep the heat and can be customized.

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Take away catering is booming and we offer you the ideal Take Away Boxes to meet the needs of your business. Our Take Away Food Boxes can be adapted to any type of gastronomy. For example, they are ideal as Chinese Noodle Boxes, Wok Boxes or Oriental Food Boxes.

We have Designer Take Away Boxes, Kraft Boxes and also Custom Food Take Away Boxes, in different sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

The Food Boxes we offer at Monouso are the Food Packaging you need to ensure that customers can take the products without losing their quality. And if you need other Food Packaging, do not hesitate to take a look at our Paper Bags for French Fries, Fry Boxes, Cardboard Cups for Soups or Ice Cream, Sandwich Boxes or Hamburger Boxes, among others.

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