Souffle Cups PLA

If you have a catering business, one of your priorities is to be able to pick up quickly. With our PLA cornstarch sauce containers we bring you the solution. In addition to offering your customers a package with a clean and fine design in which they can enjoy a small snack, you will help protect the environment.

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    Our PLA corn starch sauce containers are made of polylactic acid (PLA) so they are strong and lightweight and at the same time are biodegradable. This is an economical, simple, safe and environmentally friendly way to complete any menu.

    These containers are not only suitable for sauces. If you have a tasting or catering business these containers are perfect for offering tasting tapas to customers such as nuts, fruits, sweets, etc.

    Tomato sauce, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, herbal sauce, cesar sauce, yoghurt sauce, honey sauce and mustard sauce... Sauce is the essential component of many meals. However, if you eat out or in your business have cold foods such as sandwiches or salads, you run the risk of sauce staining everything. Stop worrying about PLA cornstarch sauce containers, as they are thermoformed and have a high resistance and flexibility that will prevent the product from coming out - don't deprive yourself of enjoying a good sauce!

    At Monouso we have different models of sauce containers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to present your customers with sustainable, biodegradable and ecological packaging.

    You won't have any problem with any allergies, you can get more information in our blog.

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