Lid PLA for Portion Cup Ø7,5cm (50 Units)

Ref 13405-50
    Lid for Portion Cup PLA 50, 80 and 100ml (50 Units)
    • Lid for Portion Cup PLA 50, 80 and 100ml (50 Units)
    • Lid for Portion Cup PLA 50, 80 and 100ml (50 Units)
    • Lid for Portion Cup PLA 50, 80 and 100ml (50 Units)

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    Ref 13405-50

    • Cornstarch (PLA)
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Si
    • 50

    PLA compostable lid for PLA portion cups for sauces 50, 80 and 100ml. Ideal for transporting sauces and cold food.

    • Withstands temperatures from -18ºC to 40ºC, suitable for the freezer.
    • 100% ECO product: Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.
    • Sauce portion cup compatible with accessories.

    The price is for a Pack of 50 Units.

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    The revolution in eco-friendly lids: PLA lids

    The revolution in eco-friendly lids: PLA lids

    Optimise your take away and delivery service with our PLA plastic lids, specifically designed for cold and warm food. These lids not only preserve the freshness and taste of your dishes; they also ensure a flawless and professional presentation. By choosing our PLA lids, you offer your customers a superior dining experience, where every detail, from presentation to the last bite, counts.

    Made from polylactic acid, better known as PLA, a biodegradable material derived from renewable resources such as corn, these lids are perfect for your commitment to the environment. Their design is ideal for dishes that do not require high heat, such as fresh salads, desserts and warm meals.

    What are the key advantages of using PLA lids? We tell you:

    • Environmentally friendly: made from biodegradable materials, these lids reduce your carbon footprint, supporting your sustainability initiatives.
    • Resistant and safe: they ensure that food is kept in optimum condition, both in terms of temperature and freshness, from the kitchen to the customer's table.
    • Clear visibility: their transparency allows for an attractive presentation of the food, increasing customer satisfaction by allowing them to see their order before opening it.

    Data sheet

    Colour Clear
    Total Dimensions 7,5 cm
    Material Cornstarch (PLA)
    Product type Lid
    Certificates Food Contact
    Diameter 7,5 cm
    Biodegradable Yes
    Compostable Yes
    Food Contact Yes
    Disposable SI
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 39241000
    Recyclable Si
    Grease-proof Yes
    Type Containers
    Packs per Box 20
    Price for 50
    Dimensions (Ø) Ø7,5cm
    Units per Pack 50
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