PS Plastic Coffee Cups

Our special PS plastic cups for coffee or small drinks offer a great service to both bar and vending machine customers. These disposable cups are perfect for this type of business, as they are single-use cups and customers can go anywhere with their drink and only have to get rid of them after the service has been provided. These plastic disposable coffee cups are perfect for speeding up the work in your bar, terrace or cafeteria because you don't have to wash them once they are used.

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These Economy PS Plastic Cups, both white and transparent or in different colors, are very popular in bars, cafes and vending services, where people enjoy a coffee quickly and without worrying about finishing it at the bar, being able to leave it with their Disposable Cup.

These Plastic Coffee Cups combine quality and good price in one product. The larger ones are in great demand at birthday parties, anniversaries and family gatherings, as they are ideal for not having to waste time cleaning. In Monouso you can choose between different sizes, from the smallest of 80 ml to 230 ml. These Plastic Cups can also be purchased with a lid, separately.

Don't forget that to complete your order you can purchase the Plastic Cups Lids or the special Coffee Shakers or Paletinas.

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