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Paper Lids are the perfect complement to present cakes and pies in Plastic Disposable Trays or Biodegradable Trays. Our Paper Lace Blankets are manufactured in litho quality and have a rectangular shape. These Cake Doilies have a beautiful motif which makes them perfect for the presentation of food and can be found in different sizes: from 14x24 cm Paper Doilies, to 40x50 cm Openwork Paper Doilies.

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In our collection of Single Use Products for companies and individuals we include a wide range of Paper Lids for Plastic Trays, Biodegradable Trays, PET Presentation Trays, Cardboard Trays and Cardboard Trays with Handle.

Our Paper Lines are a must if you are going to serve cakes or any other baked goods. By placing the Papyrus Lacy on the Cardboard Trays, for example, the base is not stuck to the tray and the presentation is much more elegant and sophisticated.

All our Paper Lines are white with a fretwork detail on the edge, which forms the silhouette of a flower. Several sizes are available, from the small paper doilies of 14x24 cm to large doilies of 40x50 cm. These doilies offer a great rigidity, nothing to do with the bad quality ones that break just by looking at them. You can manipulate them with total tranquility.

And if what you want is to serve cakes or pies on round plates do not hesitate to consult our section of Paper Rolls.

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