Kid Paper Cups

Children's Cardboard Cups are the ideal drinking containers for the youngest in the house; as they are made of cardboard, we avoid disposable products that can splinter or break into small sharp elements. Besides being colorful and fun, these Decorated Cups for Children are comfortable, versatile and easy to grip. In the same way, Children's Cardboard Disposable Cups are recyclable, so in addition to having a good party and being respectful of our environment, we can teach them that we must take care of our planet. Don't hesitate anymore and get these incredible cups!

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    At Monouso we love to take care of the little details, that's why we propose these special Cardboard Cups for Children's Parties. Decorated with cheerful clowns, fairytale princesses or various colours, these Disposable Cups are the ones that really mark the rhythm and personality of the children's birthday.

    However, if there is one characteristic that stands out from these disposable cups for children's parties, it is that it is a safe disposable product that will not splinter or break into small, sharp pieces when hit. 

    One way to make a difference is by decorating the table, so if you are celebrating the birthday of the youngest in the house, it is best to offer the food in the Menu Boxes, accompanied by Children's Napkins and Children's Paper Plates. Giving your party a touch of color, joy and fun that children will love.

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