Disposable Foam Containers are thermal, this means that they prevent the temperature of the interior of the Single-Use Container for Ice Cream from being lost, making our ice creams last longer without falling apart.

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Isothermal FOAM terrines are essential throughout the year, as they are ideal for ice cream and this has ceased to be a seasonal food and people increasingly like to enjoy a good ice cream throughout the year, in MonoUso we make sure we always have stock available for this type of product. These Ice Cream Containers are manufactured in FOAM so they are Isothermal, this means that the FOAM holds the temperature of the food inside and isolates it from the outside, thus preventing the ice cream from melting so quickly.

This extends the life of our ice cream and gives the customer added value when selling the ice cream, as it will melt more slowly and they will be able to enjoy it for longer. These magnificent Thermal Containers for Ice Cream are available in various sizes, colours and shapes, so you can look for the one you like best from a wide selection, which is why Thermal Containers for Ice Cream are one of our star products. And as we know that all our customers are always looking for the best quality on the market, our Special Packages for Ice Cream are the cheapest and best quality of all internet, guaranteed.

In addition all this is coupled with the fact that our shipping is free and delivery is made in just 24-48 hours after placing the order and we have why we are one of the best online stores of disposable products, we also have a great pre-sales and after-sales service that will provide you with anything you might need. Buying with MonoUso is always synonymous with confidence and peace of mind.

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