Economical Disposable TableWare Green Lime

The Economical Disposable Tableware in Lima color will give life and joy to all your celebrations or events. The eye-catching color of this beautiful disposable plastic tableware will draw the attention of everyone present. Hope, reason, logic and youth are some of the sensations that your guests will perceive when enjoying your recipes in the Lime Plastic Plates, the Disposable Bags in Lime, or a pleasant drink in the Lime Plastic Cups or the Cocktail Cups with foot in Lime. And if what you are looking for is a more resistant and elegant Lima Disposable Dish, do not hesitate to consult our sections of Hard Plastic Dishes Lima or Premium Dishes Lima.

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    If you want to bring your event to life, there is nothing more eye-catching than dressing up your table with our Economy Disposable Tableware in Lima. A disposable tableware that will blend perfectly with earthy colours or will attract more attention if combined with Black, Navy or Bordeaux Disposable Tableware.

    Made of polystyrene, with great resistance and durability, the Disposable Tableware in Lime colour provides vitality and transmits joy, since it is associated to the fruit that is not mature.

    Curiosities of the Lime Green colour

    The colour lime, also known as lemon green, is a colour that arouses mixed feelings: either you like it or you hate it. Within the colour circle it is found between yellow and green, and is associated with intelligence, good prose and sociability. But it is also considered the colour of jealousy, moral degradation and madness. What is your perception of Lime Green?

    And if this is not the colored disposable tableware you are looking for for your party, don't forget to check out our Economy Disposable Tableware in Fuchsia, ideal for chic events where modernism marries madness, the Economy Disposable Tableware in Orange, a perfect bet for outdoor parties and give a warm sense to your event, or the Economy Disposable Tableware in Turquoise, perfect for dressing up any occasion with elegance and distinction.

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