Cupcake Capsules

Pastry lovers, this category is for you! The cupcake capsules will give your recipes the perfect finish for everyone to try.

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When baking, it is very important that the mould is not greased and that it is unmolded well so that when it is taken out we do not destroy all our work. With the cupcake capsules the quality is assured. Our capsules keep their shape during baking and guarantee excellent results.


High quality.
Wide range of colours and shapes.
Comfortable and practical.

In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of cupcake capsules. Most of our capsules are made of paper and greaseproof parchment paper, which are ecological and easier to recycle. You can also find aluminium cupcake capsules, which are more resistant to heat. Our capsules have an elegant design that will give your culinary creations such an attractive finish.

And you can forget about cleaning, our capsules are disposable, so once you're done you just have to put them in the right container - cooking has never been so easy!

Among the wide range of cupcake capsules you will find a whole range of very attractive and striking colours that will give your meals a look so appealing that nobody will be able to resist trying them. We have white cupcake capsules, brown, green, yellow, blue, pink... and many more! Give your cupcakes a colourful, fun and cheerful touch and present them each in a different colour.

Muffin capsules are not only good for serving muffins, but also other foods such as muffins, cupcakes, chocolates, candies, frivolities... If you have an event, party or birthday, with the muffin capsules you are sure to succeed.

If your business is a catering or tasting service, the cupcake capsules can be very useful to serve small snacks to your customers in a sophisticated, original and elegant way.

In MonoUso you will find a wide range of cupcake capsules. We have different sizes and shapes: from large cupcake capsules and mini cupcake capsules, to rigid cupcake capsules and elongated cupcake capsules. You'll also find different packs: from the 100-pack of cupcake capsules to the 24,000-pack. Choose your capsules and get started!

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