Biodegradable Trays with Lid

The Biodegradable Trays with Lids are ideal for maintaining the temperature and distribution of the food in your display or transport. These Ecological Trays with Lids, available in different sizes and materials, will be essential in the organization of any event, party or meeting. With the Biodegradable Disposable Trays with Lids you will be able to offer a quality service, in which your food will look like it was just made.

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    Available in different sizes, models and materials, the Biodegradable Trays with Lids have become the essential tool for presentations, parties and celebrations.

    These Disposable Biodegradable Trays with Lids are born from the need to preserve the temperature and distribution of the best recipes, such as freshly cooked, both on display and in transport. The Wooden Trays with Lids and the Sugar Cane Trays with Lids are essential for outdoor celebrations where it is really important to take care of the environment. 

    Our wide range of Ecological Trays with Lids will show you how to save on collection time and money, thanks to their condition of Ecological Disposable Trays.

    If these are not the Biodegradable Trays you are looking for, we invite you to discover other Biodegradable Disposable Trays such as Bamboo Trays, Palm Leaf Trays, Cardboard Trays or Buffet Presentation Trays.

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