Airlaid Tablecloth Roll 1,2x25m

Our AirLaid Tablecloths on a Roll are the closest paper product to fabric on the market today. With a wide range of colors, these Disposable Tablecloths, made of Tissue Paper, offer a unique resistance and ideal appearance for any type of table.

These AirLaid Tablecloths come laminated with three layers of material making them the best Anti-Stain Tablecloths in the industry. The use of paper is more economical and ecological than the use of fabric, since water consumption and the cost of washing and ironing is non-existent with this product.

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Our Airlaid Tablecloth Rolls, measuring 1.20 x 25 metres, are the Premium Range Disposable Tablecloths par excellence. They could be considered Reusable Tablecloths, as they are made with top quality materials that can be washed and ironed.

Pleasant to the touch and to the sight, in Monouso we have a great variety of colors to be able to choose according to preferences or tastes. Our Airlaid tablecloths are ideal for hotels, restaurants and caterings, perfect to cover several existing needs as they are economic, easy to use and manipulable to the touch. With our Airlaid Rolls they will improve the image of your table, making them more elegant and appropriate for every occasion.

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