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Wood napkin holder

The wooden napkin rings, besides adding to the image of your restaurant, will help you keep order in the service area and reduce material losses. Order and cleanliness is one of the variables that a diner analyses when looking for a restaurant where he or she can satisfy their hunger and have a good time. At Monouso, we have a permanent and constantly updated offer of the best wooden napkin rings at unbeatable prices.

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When we're eating, one of the products we appreciate most is napkins.

They serve us, both to clean our hands and mouth, and to stop the inevitable liquid accident that threatens to dirty everything, among other uses.

Ideally, napkins should always be within reach of those who need them and do not require any great extra effort to obtain one.

At Monouso, we present you this section of wooden napkin rings.

Thanks to this product, you will serve your customers as you wish, but without sacrificing image and increasing the order of your tables.

Several models of wooden and bamboo napkin rings, in the natural colour of the wood or with an elegant black colour, are available for your purchase.

It is important to point out that, thanks to the manufacturing materials, these napkin boxes are environmentally friendly products.

Moreover, in our online shop you will find vertical and horizontal wooden napkin rings, so we can satisfy any need.

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