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Do you smell something? Not with our trash bags you won't. Forget about the waste in your home, community or business, we have Large Garbage Bags, Medium Garbage Bags and Small Garbage Bags.  

Garbage bags are one of the top items in the disposable family. Whether you are an individual, and want to buy Colored Garbage Bags, or a professional in the hospitality industry, and want Industrial Garbage Bags, here you can find everything you are looking for, in different sizes and at very cheap prices.

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Garbage Bags are fundamental in our daily life, in any environment our activity produces waste. Therefore, it is essential to have the Garbage Bag that best suits you.

Our Ecological Garbage Bags with 250 liters capacity are ideal for industry, catering, gardening for its three layers that offer great strength, necessary to ensure consistency. We also have medium size garbage bags of 100 liters, ideal for communities or smaller businesses. And for your home? The Household Waste Bags we offer are the most recommended because we know that your home is important to you.

With our Garbage Bags, no waste escapes you.

Garbage bags are an unquestionable ally in our day-to-day life.

The party is over. All the guests are here. The food was at the point you wanted it. They've all left and it's time to clean up the house.

You take a big garbage bag and start throwing away everything that's left. Plates, glasses, napkins, cups, everything you bought was biodegradable and disposable.

In just minutes, with one bag, much of the mess disappears.

That's how everyday our relationship with garbage bags is.

They're always in our drawer, waiting for us. As soon as we need them, they come to our rescue.

But has it ever happened to you that you buy a bag and it turns out to be smaller or bigger than you expected?

It has happened to me, for example, that I buy a trash bag to throw away some heavy things and the bag I chose is very thin, I end up using two bags instead of one.

For situations like that, this guide is born.

No more confusion! Let's learn all about garbage bags and stop wasting our money.

Trash Bag Basics
Garbage bags are simply plastic containers used to contain various types of waste.

They are usually sorted according to their capacity and thickness.

The garbage bags were usually black or white. Now they can be found in different colours depending on the type of waste they contain.

Grey or black garbage bags:
Waste in general. Orange-colored bags:
Organic waste. Green garbage bags: Waste in general:
They contain glass containers. Yellow bags:
Designed to dispose of plastic and metal containers. Blue bags:
Cardboard and paper waste. Red bags:
Specially designed for the disposal of hospital and infectious materials.
There are also transparent garbage bags. They are commonly used in garbage cans of companies and public organizations. The main reason for transparent bags is to make it easy to see the contents of what is being taken out of the institution.

Although in many cases the use of colored bags is not mandatory, the important thing is that each waste goes to the right trash can to support recycling efforts.

Most garbage bags are made from recyclable materials, so our ecological footprint is not as worrisome as you might think.

Sorting waste bags
The following section will help you understand about garbage bag sizes and materials.

With it, I try to stop the flow of money you might be wasting on buying the wrong size bags, mainly because of ignorance.

According to capacity
The capacity of the bag is essential to avoid wasting space or carrying them over to the container.

The capacities generally found on the market are

20 to 40 liters:
Special to be used as garbage bags in rooms and kitchens. 100 liters:
Garbage bags for small houses. 150 to 170 liters:
This type of bags are perfect for medium families, where a considerable amount of garbage is generated, but manageable. 200 liters:
Ideal for businesses and large homes. 246 liters:
Garbage bags designed for industries. 360 liters:
Same as the previous one, they are focused on meeting the needs of industrial sectors.
According to the type of plastic
Garbage bags are made of polyethylene. Depending on the pressure applied at the time of production, the polyethylene film can be HDPE or LDPE.

High density polyethylene - HDPE:
It is a thick material to the touch. It is used for the manufacture of garbage bags for heavier than usual work. They are very resistant to tearing. Low density polyethylene - LDPE:
They are the most malleable and mouldable bags used for waste. They have a molecular structure that makes them very resistant in progressive tearing situations.
In addition to these two types of waste bags, we have the biodegradable bags.

Biodegradable garbage bags: These are made from biodegradable polymers and organic materials such as corn starch. They are often used to contain

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