Ripple Paper Cups

Curly Cardboard Cups have become the perfect solution to hold the drink without noticing the temperature of the drink. These Disposable Cardboard Cups are the perfect solution to avoid burning your hands when you hold a glass with a hot drink such as coffee or tea. The Triple Wall Paper Cups are characterized by their corrugated wall, which completely protects your hand from the heat, thus avoiding burns, so they are also known as Corrugated Cardboard Cups.

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In Monouso we have two families of special Triple Wall Cardboard Cups for coffee. On the one hand, the more classic models in brown or black to choose from, ranging from the smallest 120 ml capacity to the largest 480 ml capacity. On the other hand, the funniest models in colours, ideal for parties where the main objective is for guests to enjoy themselves. The latter are cardboard cups in fuchsia, brown, orange or green and are printed with the text "Enjoy", or what is the same, "Disfruta". They can also be found in various sizes to choose from; from 270 ml to 495 ml.

We sell both to individuals and companies with the cheapest price on the Internet guaranteed, and taking care of the quality of each and every one of our products! We sell all our Coffee Cups in bags or boxes, depending on the volume of the order you need; we apply a 20% discount on the boxes, and we have a fast transport service that guarantees delivery in a maximum of 48 hours!

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