Pre-Cut Novotex Table Runner Rolls 40x100

Novotex Cut Table Runners are ideal for setting up elegant tables in your restaurant or hotel business. Measuring 40x100 centimetres, these tablecloths combine services in pairs to form tables for 2, 4, 6 or an infinite number of diners. Novotex Table Runners are the excellent complement for those who want to present their table in an elegant way, but without giving up the comfort of the Disposable Table Runners.

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The so-called 40 x 100 Non-Woven Paths are narrow disposable tablecloths that are placed in the centre of the table and by alternating them with Table Runners they will achieve a very elegant touch. Novotex Table Runners are non-woven tablecloths made of cellulose fibres that give them a similar look and feel to fabric.

Because they are cut they make the life of your business workers easier when setting up the table, they are easy to stack and will save you time and money.

At MonoUso we offer you a wide range of professional products for the supply of very selected hotels and restaurants. Thought for your restaurant, bar, drinks place, school, catering, events, etc.

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