PP Plastic Microwave Safe Bowls

The Microwaveable Plastic Bags are the most resistant Plastic Bowls as far as Disposable Dishes are concerned. These Unbreakable Bags, made of Polypropylene, have qualities that could perfectly equate to any traditional dish bowl, as they are suitable for heating food in the microwave and, even though we at MonoUso recognize that they are Single Use, they can also be reused, as they can be put in the dishwasher without deforming or spoiling. 

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Also known as Disposable Plastic Bags or Polypropylene Plastic Bags, our Unbreakable Plastic Bowls offer great hardness and resistance when carrying food in different states of temperature.

These Microwaveable Plastic Bags, perfect for salads, creams or spoon stews are the protagonists of multitudinous events where everyone is expected to enjoy good food without spilling, soiling or breaking anything.

Our Disposable Polypropylene Bowls can be found in a wide variety of colours, shapes and models, from the typical black or white with traditional designs, to the more modern styles of our X-Table Plastic Bags, where the colours will bring your table to life.

These Unbreakable Plastic Bags can be perfectly complemented with Microwaveable PP Trays, Unbreakable Plastic Plates and Reusable Plastic Cups.

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