Plastic Sushi Trays

Sushi trays represent the most zen Japanese style. Available in different colors, the MonoUso Sushi Trays offer excellent finishes for the presentation of the most select sushi. The Sushi Disposable Trays are ideal for Japanese restaurants and for individuals. Asian Food Trays are the best way to present your dinner and have everyone serve themselves as much as they want. You will be the best host with Sushi Disposable Trays!

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Our Sushi Trays meet the needs of the most traditional Japanese fans. They are ideal for serving these healthy, exotic and relatively easy to prepare culinary creations and will make you the perfect hosts when it comes to presenting these gastronomic delights

If you're invited to a dinner party, don't hesitate! Show up with a sushi tray and you'll be a success! Asian Food Trays can be simply single compartment trays or they can be sushi trays with some compartments to help separate the sushi according to ingredients or flavors. Get your Sushi Trays and succeed among your friends!

And if what you need is another type of Presentation Trays, don't hesitate to consult our sections of Plastic Trays, Biodegradable Trays, Trays with Lids, Wooden Mini Pallets, Bamboo Mini Trays, etc.

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