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Plastic Plate Deep Square shape Silver 18cm (5 Units)

Ref 4233-5
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Plastic Plate Deep Square shape Silver 18 cm (5 Units)
  • Plastic Plate Deep Square shape Silver 18 cm (5 Units)
5 Units €1.85 -30% €1.30 0,259€/Ud
300 Units €111.00 -20% €88.50 0,295€/Ud
€1.85 -30%
€1.30 (tax incl.) 0,259€/Ud

Price per box of 5 units

Ref 4233-5


Total Dimensions

  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • Yes
  • Si
  • 5

Disposable Plastic Plate made in polystyrene deep Square shape silver 18 cm.

The price is for a pack of 5 units.

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A smart choice for all occasions: PS plates

A smart choice for all occasions: PS plates

Are you looking for tableware to suit all your events? PS plastic plates are the solution. Their amazing versatility makes them the best choice for all kinds of situations and you can forget about constantly renewing your tableware, as they are reusable! Being made of plastic does not necessarily mean that they are single-use products.

Made of polystyrene, also known as PS, our plates are highly durable and resistant, so you will have no problem using them on any occasion. The fact that they are strong does not prevent them from being lightweight; these plates are exceptionally light, which makes them easy to handle and transport. What's more, this insulating material helps to preserve the temperature of the food for longer, ensuring an optimal culinary experience.

But wait, do you want to know even more advantages of PS hard plates?

  • Strong and durable: thanks to their combination of hardness, durability and strength, these plates are perfect for any occasion, as they won't break or bend easily once you have presented your preparations on them.
  • Reusable: these handy plates can be used multiple times instead of being thrown away after a single use. This is an important feature, as it contributes to waste reduction and positive environmental impact.
  • Versatile: polystyrene plates are suitable for all kinds of situations, from everyday meals to formal events such as catering or elegant dinners. They are suitable for both everyday use and special occasions.

Data sheet

Colour Metallized
Total Dimensions 18x18cm
Design Economic
Material PS (Polystyrene)
Product type Plate
Total capacity 130 ml
Certificates Food Contact
Width 18 cm
Food Contact Yes
Disposable SI
Family Monouso
Intrastat 48236910
Length 18 cm
Recyclable Si
Type Desechable
Packs per Box 60
Price for 5
Units per Pack 5
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