Plastic Cocktail Cups

Plastic Cocktail Cups are made from two different high quality materials. On the one hand, the Disposable Cocktail Glasses, made of glass polystyrene, are lighter and more rigid, and their advantage is that they offer thermal insulation. On the other hand, the Hard Plastic Cups, also made of polystyrene but injected, offer a more rigid and hard finish and, in addition, their walls are thicker.

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One of the singularities of the Plastic Cocktail Glasses is their diversity in terms of shapes and uses. For alcoholic beverages, the most recommended are the Disposable Martini Glasses, excellent for martinis or other cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, as they are a stylish substitute for glass.

Plastic Martini Glasses have their elegance, but when broken they are not as dangerous. They are available in clear or with a coloured foot, magnificent for a joyful touch to the celebration. And for other drinks, we have Margarita Plastic Cups.

Our Cocktail Glasses can also be used as Plastic Aperitif Glasses and the presentation of the appetizers ends up being more distinguished and, at the same time, practical for the organization of the event.  In addition, these Disposable Plastic Cups can be used as Disposable Dessert Cups. 

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