PLA Compostable Plastic Cups

PLA biodegradable cups are the best allies to provide the best service at events, parties and celebrations of all kinds, as they combine elegance, comfort and sustainability.

These biodegradable plastic cups are made from corn starch (CPLA or RCPLA). This material is very similar in appearance to plastic, but of 100% vegetable origin, with which you will be able to serve your cold drinks in the most comfortable way possible.

  • Similar in appearance to plastic
  • Withstands temperatures up to 45 ºC
  • 100 % biodegradable and compostable
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PLA biodegradable cups are 100% plant-based, i.e. they are made only from sustainable and renewable raw materials.

Eco-friendly plastic cups

These BIO disposable cups are made from an environmentally friendly plastic known as PLA, which comes from starch, a natural polymer obtained from corn, wheat or potatoes. In this case, they are biodegradable corn cups, made from corn starch, which are safe for people who are allergic to corn starch and its derivatives.

Their similarity to plastic means that they can be injected, extruded or thermoformed in the same way as plastic cups.

Biodegradable and compostable cups

These cups made from corn are environmentally friendly and sustainable. By buying biodegradable cups you are taking care of the environment with truly environmentally friendly products.

Biodegradable plastic cups

The biodegradable capacity of these corn cups allows them to degrade naturally after a certain period of time. These compostable plastic cups comply with the EN 13432 standard, which indicates that they can also be decomposed by human action in a specific and limited time.

Corn starch cups

PLA cups are suitable for cold drinks such as soft drinks, iced tea, iced drinks, slushies, juices or smoothies. They are therefore popular in ice cream parlours, terrace restaurants, food trucks or beach bars.

Also in catering, as biodegradable disposable cups are an environmentally friendly and very resistant alternative to traditional glass cups.

In our catalogue you can find them in different sizes and capacities. Like the biodegradable shot glass, to serve your best liquors, or the tall PLA glasses, for mixed drinks or soft drinks. In addition, you can choose transparent or translucent, even with silkscreen prints... or personalise them!

Buying biodegradable glasses couldn't be easier thanks to the catalogue we have prepared with the best quality-price ratio and permanent stock.

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