PLA Compostable Plastic Cups

The Biodegradable Cups PLA are the best allies to give the best service in events and celebrations helping, at the same time, to reduce the volume of garbage and polluting waste. These Compostable Cups are part of the Disposable Tableware family, but this time their composition is based on corn starch (CPLA or RCPLA). This material, similar in appearance to plastic but 100% of vegetable origin, can also be injected, extruded or thermoformed. And it can withstand temperatures of up to 45ºC.

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Drink consumption generates an enormous amount of waste, which is why at Monouso we have allied ourselves with the Environment and have prepared this catalogue of PLA Biodegradable Cups so that they can provide a perfect service without damaging the Ecosystem. These Disposable Cups are manufactured with the renewable raw material of corn starch and without oil, so they comply with the EN13432 standard, that is, they are decomposed in a composting plant.

Do they withstand all kinds of temperatures?

Our Organic Plastic Cups are only suitable for cold drinks. On our website you will find different models and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you best, from Plastic Cups for Coffee to Disposable Cups for Juices, Slush or Smoothie.

But if you are one of those who has a business where breakfast is to go, you can also check our section of Cardboard Cups, totally recyclable thanks to its ecological coating.

How do you obtain these Biodegradable Plastic Cups?

All our Ecological Plastic Cups are manufactured without the use of oil and always use renewable raw materials. Our Organic Disposable Plastic Cups are manufactured with an ecological plastic known as PLA, which comes from starch, a natural polymer obtained from corn, wheat or potatoes. These Biodegradable Plastic Cups produced from starch can also be injected, extruded or thermoformed, just as conventional petroleum-based plastic cups do. In turn, the products obtained from starch have the same physical-chemical properties and characteristics as those obtained from petroleum.

In addition to PLA Biodegradable Cups in Monouso we offer a wide range of Disposable Tableware, from Wooden Cutlery, Bio Sugarcane Plates, Biodegradable Trays, Biodegradable Bags, to Ecological Paper Napkins, among others. Don't hesitate, look at all we offer and choose the accessories you need for your order.

Are you afraid you might have an allergy to PLA cornstarch? Our products put you safe against this, you can visit more information in our blog.

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