Paper Hot Cups

Cardboard Hot Drink Cups, together with their lid, are usually used as Take-Away Coffee Cups, although we should not forget that we can carry other types of hot drinks such as infusions or cappuccinos.

Disposable Cardboard Cups have an internal layer of paraffin that isolates the temperature and prevents customers from burning their hands.

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Cardboard Hot Drink Cups are the most suitable disposable cups for coffee, tea, chocolate and other hot drinks. Disposable Hot Drink Cups have specific qualities. Therefore, they are the most recommended disposable cups for coffee and other hot drinks. The single-use carton cups in this range have a waxed inner layer, the best coffee cups on the market.

As a consequence, the Disposable Coffee Cups isolate the temperature and avoid burning your hands. Another benefit of Carton Coffee Cups is their rolled edge.  With it, drinking from a carton cup is comfortable. To ensure safety, we offer Cardboard Cups with Lids. Cardboard Hot Drink Cups are suitable as Take Away Coffee Cups and Disposable Office Cups.

We have cardboard cups in different sizes, from 4 oz. cardboard coffee cups to large cardboard cups, such as 16 oz. disposable cups and 20 oz. cardboard cups. Available in various designs.

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