Paper Cup 6 Oz/180ml + Lid with Hole Ø7,0cm (1000 Units)

Ref 4011-4887-P
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Paper Cup 6 Oz/180ml + Lid with Hole Ø7,0cm (1000 Units)
  • Paper Cup 6 Oz/180ml + Lid with Hole Ø7,0cm (1000 Units)
1000 Units €152.63 -10% €137.37 0,137€/Ud
€152.63 -10%
€137.37 (tax incl.) 0,137€/Ud

Price per box of 1000 units

Ref 4011-4887-P

  • Recyclable
  • Made in Europe
  • With PEFC seal

Paper Cup 6 Oz/180ml + Lid with Hole Ø7,0cm (1000 Units)

The price is for a pack of 1000 cups y 1000 lids.

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Paper cups: the perfect take away option

Paper cups: the perfect take away option

Although most people think that their use is limited to coffee cups, in reality you can enjoy them in many other occasions and moments.

You will find them in all sizes and shapes: with or without lids, economical and with a wide variety of designs and colours to serve a good hot coffee or enjoy any cold drink. Thus, paper cups are the most comfortable and versatile option you can find on the market today.

Why should you buy paper cups?

If you have a take away service business, you already know that they are essential for any take away service. And the fact is that paper cups have many advantages:

  • Made for take away: Your customers will be able to consume their drink comfortably in the establishment or, if they prefer, they can take it with them to have it at any other time. In addition, you can purchase specific lids for the diameter of each glass. A plus in convenience, which will allow you to offer a much more complete service.
  • Resistant: You will be able to serve your hot coffees or cold drinks without worrying about the material deforming or being too hot or cold, thanks to the good thermal insulation.
  • Stackable: They are stackable, so you will have no problem storing them in any space.
  • Sustainable: The perfect alternative to plastic, so we are talking about the present and the future. They are made from cellulose from virgin fibres from forests certified for their responsible management of resources. Therefore, with your purchase, you are avoiding deforestation and are committed to caring for the environment.



Recycle this product without any problem once its useful life is over. You only have to pay attention to the material it is made of to know in which container you will have to dispose of it.

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

This product is manufactured in Europe within the quality standards set.

With PEFC seal

With PEFC seal

The PEFC label certifies that our product comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

With PE inner lamination

The recyclable cardboard cups have a thin PE coating on the inside for added safety. This material (polyethylene) is a very strong and flexible type of plastic that makes the cardboard waterproof, so that it does not deform or soften when not in contact with liquid.

To give it a second life and recycle it, the consumer must dispose of this PE laminated cup in the cardboard container.

White paper cup: the classic par excellence

The white design is the most popular. Simple and versatile, they are perfect for any establishment, as well as being the ideal companion at an event with all kinds of tableware. By the way, their smooth finish allows you to personalise the glass: you can write the name of your customers, put the label of your establishment, leave a message... Up to you!

With rolled rim

Our cups have a rolled rim on the top, which will help you to consume the product in a more comfortable and pleasant way. They can also be combined with one of our compatible lids. This way you will have an airtight and safe combo to transport and consume your drink without worrying about leaks or spills.

Data sheet

Colour White
Total Dimensions 180 ml
Material Paper / Cardboard
Product type Vaso
Uses Cold and Hot Drinks
Total capacity 180 ml
Certificates Food Contact
Top diameter 7 cm
Shape Cylinder
Food Contact Yes
Disposable Yes
Family Monouso
Intrastat 39241000
Recyclable Si
Type Desechable
Packs per Box 10
Price for 1000
Units per Pack 1000
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