Moving Boxes

When you are in the process of moving you have a lot of things to think about, organize and secure. In order to move, you need a cardboard box that is strong, that can withstand stacking, with different capacities, but above all that protects its contents. Don't let cardboard boxes become a problem for you. At Monouso, we offer you the cardboard boxes you need to move or store your goods.

Think about your last move. Surely there were times of great stress, frustration and the need to resolve a thousand situations that occurred without warning.

Moving house is the best way to chart or experience this "moving out of your comfort zone".

It generates anxiety, and everything calms down when we arrive at the new place and adapt to the new reality.

Cardboard boxes for removals should not be a problem, they should be what they are: containers for moving - from one place to another - everything you have.

But the cardboard boxes you need are not just any box, as is thought by mistake, they should offer you the following characteristics:

Durable, weight-resistant cardboard.
Possibility of being stacked without problems.
Space needed for your goods.
Diversity of sizes.
Resistance to humidity.

These, among other features, are available in the boxes we have in the Monouso online store.

Cardboard boxes for removals of various sizes, ideal for moving your belongings with the care you require.

Single-channel boxes that offer you the strength and flexibility necessary for a move, large or small.

However, if you wish to store certain objects, such as Christmas decorations or the books you wish to donate, these boxes are ideal for you.

They can withstand up to 20 kilos in weight, without being deformed or torn.

This weight limit feature is designed so that you can move them without any means of transport, i.e. by carrying them, and you will not incur any damage to your back and knees.

If you are about to move or just want to store objects for some time, you should know about the options we offer at Monouso.

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