Microwavable PP Plastic Mugs

The Microwaveable PP Cups, or Extra Rigid Plastic Cups, made of Polypropylene, have achieved, by their resistance, flexibility and hardness, to be recognized as the Plastic Cups for Coffee special for microwaves, since they are able to withstand high temperatures without suffering any deformation and maintaining the temperature of the liquids.

These Plastic Microwaveable Cups are the most used by restaurants, caterings and hotels where big events are celebrated and the drinks must reach the diner as if they were just served. This disposable tableware, which due to its consistency can also be reused, withstands, without breaking, the blows and shaking of diners who do not stop shaking their hands in their post-lunch gatherings.

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    Microwaveable Plastic Cups are the strongest disposable cups on the market. These Cups with Handle, of unbreakable aspect, made in Injected Polypropylene, have qualities that perfectly could be compared to any Porcelain Cup, since they are apt to heat food in the microwave and, even that from MonoUso we recognize that they are Single Use Cups, they can also be Reusable Cups, since they can stand up to 500 washes in the industrial dishwasher without deforming or spoiling.

    What is injection technology?

    Basically, it is a common injection moulding technology, where plastic is melted and injected into a mould before it becomes rigid. It makes a unique part whose interior is made of plastic foam, while the exterior surface is solid and hard.

    How to compose your designer tea table?

    Our PP Unbreakable Cups, which offer a quality almost equal to porcelain cups, can confuse any diner by making them think they are looking at a traditional coffee set. Just accompany these Microwaveable Cups with our PP Unbreakable Plates, Extra Rigid Plastic Cutlery, Airlaid Premium Napkins and Novotex Tablecloths

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