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Lid PET Clear for Sauce Cup Ø4,8cm (100 Units)

Ref 40006-100
Lid PET Clear for Sauce Cup Ø4,8cm (100 Units)
  • Lid PET Clear for Sauce Cup Ø4,8cm (100 Units)
  • Lid for Sauce Jar PET Trans. 30ml (100 Units)
  • Lid for Sauce Jar PET Trans. 30ml (100 Units)

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Price per box of 100 units

Ref 40006-100

Total Dimensions

  • PET
  • No
  • Si
  • 100

Transparent PET lid for 30ml plastic container for sauces. Mainly used for catering, take-away and catering businesses.

  • Suitable for cold food.
  • Lid made of PET.
  • Recyclable and disposable.
  • Shock and impact resistant.
  • Not suitable for microwaves.

Lid compatible with tubs available in accessories.

The price is for a Pack of 100 units.

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PET lids for impeccable presentation

PET lids for impeccable presentation

Enhance your customers' take away and delivery experience with our PET plastic lids, specially designed for cold or ambient food. These lids are the perfect solution for salads, desserts and non-heated dishes, preserving freshness and flavour without the risk of heat deformation. Their design ensures an effective seal, preventing spillage and maintaining the integrity of your dishes during transport.

Made from PET plastic, these lids are a safe and practical option. Although not suitable for high temperatures, their strength and clarity make them perfect for a variety of cold or warm foods. Plus, their compatibility with the containers you'll find in product accessories ensures a perfect fit.

What makes our PET plastic lids an essential choice?

  • Perfect for cold/temperate foods: designed to maintain the freshness of foods that do not require heat, these lids are your ally in delivering fresh food.
  • Enhanced visual presentation: thanks to their clarity, these lids enhance the appearance of your dishes, enriching the customer's visual experience and boosting attraction to your food.
  • Commitment to the environment: our lids are 100% recyclable, supporting your sustainability efforts and contributing to a greener future.

Data sheet

Colour Clear
Total Dimensions 30 ml
Design Mini
Material PET
Product type Lid
Total capacity 30 ml
Diameter 4,8 cm
Family Monouso
Intrastat 39241000
Microwave No
Recyclable Si
Price for 100
Dimensions (Ø) Ø4,8cm
Units per Pack 100 ct
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Lid PET Clear for Sauce Cup Ø4,8cm (100 Units)

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Plastic Lid PET Transparent for Cup Sauces Ø7,0cm (50 Units)


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Lid PET Clear for Sauce Cup Ø4,8cm (100 Units)

30 ml

Ref 40006-100

100 Units

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0,034€/30 ml

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