Hot Beverage Paper Cup Lids

The Hot Drink Carton Cup Covers have been created to avoid possible spills of boiling liquids, avoiding stains and possible burns. With these Disposable Cardboard Cup Covers the safety of your tea or coffee is guaranteed, so you can walk and move around without fear of getting dirty. In our catalogue you will find completely watertight cardboard cup lids, as well as disposable lids with a slot to insert the stirrer or stirring paddle.

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    Plastic Cup Covers and Cardboard Cup Covers are compatible with Cardboard Hot Drink Cups. These Disposable Cardboard Cup Covers fit the edges of the cup. Thus, the Disposable Tumbler Lids act as an airtight seal and ensure that the liquid cannot spill, stain or burn. 

    Both the Cardboard Lids and the Plastic Round Lids are ideal for the take-away beverage business getting the customer to enjoy their coffee or tea anywhere.

    In MonoUso we offer you multiple designs of Cardboard Cup Covers for Hot Beverage depending on the need. We also have Disposable Lids with Opening ideal to be able to remove the coffee with the Coffee Shakers.

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