Foil Containers Without lids

Aluminium containers without lids are ideal for cooking dishes in the oven. Despite being disposable, you will be surprised by their great resistance and versatility. At Monouso you will find different shapes and sizes for you to choose the best option.

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Pasta au gratin, cannelloni, lasagne, chicken with potatoes... the aluminium containers without lids are perfect for any meal. Thanks to their great heat resistance you can put them in the oven without any worries. Moreover, as they are made of aluminium, they keep the heat very well, so your meals will be kept at the right temperature.

The aluminium containers without lids have a silver finish and their design is practical as well as attractive. They are perfect for hotel and catering businesses and for transporting food in a practical, safe and lightweight way.

If your problem is that you are too lazy to pick up and clean, aluminium containers without lids are the solution for practical and effective cleaning. As they are disposable, once you have finished using them you only have to put them in the container - there is no longer any excuse not to cook!

At Monouso we have different models of our aluminium containers without lids so that you can choose the one that best suits your recipes. For a very affordable price your meals will be spectacular. Put on your apron and start cooking!

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