FOAM Bowls

These Thermal FOAM Bags are the best ally to keep the temperature of the food in the most economical way, since they will save you a lot of time after the holidays and celebrations because they are disposable bags. Manufactured in Expanded Polystyrene, the Thermal Bowls are difficult to break and able to support the weight of the food without problems. In addition, the lamination of these Plastic Bags makes them waterproof, ideal for sauces, creams and sorbets.

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The FOAM Bags are light and rigid, in addition, these FOAM Bowls are Thermal Bags, so they are able to maintain the temperature of the food for a long time. Ideal for events where the day lengthens, the Disposable FOAM Bowls are perfect for events where eating standing up is a must. Our Thermal FOAM Bags can be used for desserts, appetizers, salads and much more.

To complete our Disposable Tableware, we also have FOAM Trays and FOAM Plates. We offer Clear Plastic Lids and FOAM Bowl Lids, perfect to accompany the Thermic Bags, suitable for beans, creams and soups.

Disposable FOAM Bowls are the affordable option for your outdoor events, such as popular parties.

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