Fast Food Paper Trays

Our Fast Food Cardboard Trays are the most convenient for use in take-out, fast food and catering events where the diner serves his or her own food. These Fast Food Disposable trays have thick, wavy edges with a quality finish that is perfectly resistant to oil and grease. They are also ideal as a Tasting Tray due to their lightness, making them ideal for stands and fairs as well as outdoor events.

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The Fast Food Cardboard Trays are one of the Food Packaging that best suits any type of need. Our Cardboard Trays are available in both red print and Kraft cardboard, and you can also get your Disposable Tray with a custom design so you can surprise your guests with your own Catering Trays!  

These Fast Food Trays can make the difference in your event or business. That's why with our Biodegradable Cardboard Trays you'll make sure nothing goes wrong.

And to complete your take-out or self-service business, at Monouso you can find everything from Take Away Containers, Cardboard Cold Drink Cups and OPS Hinged Lid Containers, to Paper Cutlery and Napkin Holder Sets.

And to complete your take-away or self-service business

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