Economical PS Plastic Mugs

In our range of PS Economy Plastic Cups you will find the best value offers on the market. Cheap Plastic Cups with a great quality, made of PS (Polystyrene) so they are perfect for hot drinks and are suitable for refrigerator, as they withstand temperatures from -10 º C to 70 º C.

Ideal for quick and clean services, our Economic Plastic Mugs will provide exclusivity to customers, as they are Disposable Mugs, and will give them total independence, as you can continue your activity outside your bar, cafe or restaurant, but depositing them at the end in a recycling station, as our Plastic Mugs are Recyclable.

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    Our Economy PS Plastic Cups are perfect for businesses such as bars, caterers or fast food services. From MonoUso we present you a wide variety so you don't have to worry about cleaning up after a service or covering an apt or friends meeting. With our Disposable Plastic Cups you will be able to give the service your clients demand at a very economic price.

    The hardness and flexibility of our Economy Disposable Cups make them an ideal product to enjoy hot drinks that are consumed quickly and easily. They are Economic Cups with handle very used in all the businesses of the Horeca Sector.

    Do not hesitate and complete your order with our Agitators and Coffee Palettes or our Economy Plastic Spoons, both white, transparent, and in different colors.

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