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Disinfectant and Sanitising Wipes (500 Units)

Ref 70040-100-5
  • Pack
Disinfectant / Hygienic Wipes (500 Units)
  • Disinfectant / Hygienic Wipes (500 Units)
  • Disinfectant / Hygienic Wipes (500 Units)
  • Disinfectant and Sanitising Wipes (500 Units)
500 Units €92.87 -20% €74.28 0,149€/Ud
€92.87 -20%
€74.28 (tax incl.) 0,149€/Ud
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Price per box of 500 units

Ref 70040-100-5

  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • Rectangular
  • Si
  • 500

Nonwoven Disinfectant and Sanitising Wipes, 20x20cm. 

  • Quick method of personal hygiene.
  • Specially designed to remove perspiration.
  • The sachet measures 6x8cm. 
  • Customisable from 5000 units. 10 boxes of 500 units.

The price is for the Box of 500 Units. 5 Packs of 100 Units.

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Rinse-free cleaning with disinfectant wipes

Rinse-free cleaning with disinfectant wipes

Do you want to offer your customers a convenient and efficient cleaning experience in your restaurant? Hand sanitising wipes are the perfect solution. Created especially for the foodservice industry, these wipes provide your customers with a quick and easy way to clean and disinfect their hands before or after eating. The powerful yet gentle formula is ideal for effective cleaning without irritating the skin, meaning your customers can enjoy their meal with the peace of mind that their hands are clean.

In an environment where hygiene is paramount, these wipes stand out for their ease of use and effectiveness. They come in handy individual packets that your customers can use at any time. In addition, their composition is designed to be skin-friendly, ensuring gentle care even with frequent use.

Why should you choose these wipes for your restaurant?

  • Hygiene at hand for your customers: quick and effective cleaning within everyone's reach.
  • Gentle and safe formula: guaranteed skin care with every use.
  • Convenient individual packets: easy distribution and maximum hygiene.

Data sheet

Colour White
Material PP (Polypropylene)
Product type Wipes
Shape Rectangular
Disposable SI
Family Monouso
Intrastat 39262000
Recyclable Si
Type Químicos
Packs per Box 5
Price for 500
Units per Pack 100 ct
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