Cup organizer

Whether it's self-service for your customers or organizing your workplace, a cup and lid organizer will put your business in order easily and economically.

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The care and cleaning of your premises is essential to give a good image to the customers. If you think you need to put your business in order, the disposable cup organizer is what you are looking for.


It gives a good image to your business.
More order and cleanliness.
You will gain space and time.
Natural and elegant finish.
Facilitates self-service.

The simple but very practical design of our glass and lid dispenser will allow you to take the glasses with their respective lids comfortably.

In this category you will find products like our cup dispenser made of bamboo, a very resistant natural material. It will be a small investment that will last you a long time. With these organizers you will be able to have your business well organized while taking care of the environment. All advantages!

If your workplace is small and every centimetre counts, with the plastic or cardboard cup dispenser you will gain space and be able to work much more comfortably.

And because they are made from bamboo, they have a stylish finish that is both natural and green, giving your business a touch of nature!

A cup organizer is perfect for restaurant businesses, take away services, cafeterias, offices, self-service, catering... it will allow you to have a clean and clear table, speed up work and save time.

On our website you will find different models of disposable cup dispensers. We have different sizes to suit your needs, as well as various facilities according to the quantity you require. Take advantage of the opportunity to put your business in order!

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