CPP Plastic Bags with Adhesive Closure

CPP plastic bags with self-adhesive flap are the perfect transparent packaging for presenting garments in sales format or for your laundry and ironing business. The self-adhesive flap makes it easy to remove and insert the product, thus preserving it from possible stains or scratches. These transparent CPP plastic bags are the best presentation for your business products.

  • Airtight seal: the adhesive flap provides an airtight seal that protects the contents of the bag from external factors such as moisture, dust and dirt.
  • Transparency: the CPP material is transparent, allowing easy identification of the contents of the bag.
  • Easy to use: the adhesive flap makes it easy to open and close the bag, which is especially useful in situations where quick access to the contents is needed.
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For different uses, CPP bags with adhesive strip

With an adhesive flap, CPP bags are the perfect solution for presenting textile business garments, as well as for packaging magazines, books and documents you want to keep. These transparent bags offer the option of removing and inserting the product into the packaging as many times as you wish, as the adhesive strip does not lose its consistency. Available in a range of sizes, from 25cm to 45cm, all our bags have hook and loop fasteners and are transparent so that the customer can see the contents.

The versatility of CPP adhesive strip bags

Our resealable flap bags are the most hygienic way to present a new garment to customers. Thanks to their hook-and-loop fastener, they can be easily opened and closed, making them a very practical option for packaging and storing textile garments, as well as for storing important documents. Their transparency makes it easy to see the contents of the bag.

Strong and practical adhesive flap

Our polypropylene bags with adhesive flap are characterised by their strength and practicality. The hook-and-loop fastener allows for quick and efficient sealing, and the flap remains secure throughout the entire shipping or storage process. In addition, the fact that the adhesive does not lose its consistency allows the bag to be opened and closed several times without deterioration. This makes it a practical and durable solution for protecting garments and documents.

Buy CPP bags with adhesive flap from Monouso

Monouso' s CPP bags with adhesive flap are safe to store and protect products thanks to their airtight closure, and are made of high quality materials that meet hygiene and safety standards.

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