CPP Plastic Bags with Adhesive Closure

The CPP Plastic Bags with Self-adhesive Flap are the perfect transparent packaging to present garments in sale format or for your laundry and ironing business. Its Self-adhesive Flap makes the product easy to take out and put in, thus preserving it from possible stains or rubbing. These Clear CPP Plastic Bags are the best presentation for your business' products.

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Our polypropylene bags with adhesive flap will become the perfect solution to present the garments of your textile business or to pack magazines, books or documents that you want to keep. These transparent polypropylene bags with adhesive flap give you the option to take out and introduce the product in the plastic container as many times as you want, since the adhesive band does not lose consistency.

From 25 centimeters to 45 centimeters, these bags with adhesive flap can be found in MonoUso in different sizes, all of them are transparent bags with adhesive closure since their purpose is that the customer always sees the content of the package. They are the most hygienic way of presenting a new garment to customers.

And if these are not the Plastic Packaging Bags you are looking for in our website you will find other type of Plastic Bags such as the Cheap T-shirt Bags, which will become the best option for your pocket as they are perfect for any type of business. But this is not all, here you will find different formats and storage features: Bags for vacuum packaging of food, Plastic Bags without closure, Bags with ZIP closure pressure, ZIP Plastic Bags with writing bands, Market Bags, etc. This is only a small part of the Food Packaging in Plastic Bag format that can be ideal for the development of your business activity.

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