Clear PS Plastic Cups

PS Crystal Plastic Cups are the Disposable Cups, made of Polystyrene, which offer a more transparent, rigid and brittle appearance in their services. These Plastic Cups can be confused with the traditional glass cups, due to their transparency and composition, and are ideal for all kinds of events, parties, concerts, beach bars, nightclubs, drinking places and any celebration.

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The PS Crystal Plastic Cups, thanks to their absolute transparency, allow the customer to see the contents of the cup and in the same way will draw the attention of other potential customers, making a domino effect.

Manufactured in Polystyrene which gives the cup greater rigidity, transparency and shine, these Disposable Cups are very comfortable to handle, can be stacked perfectly, taking up much less space in storage, and will save you time and money, as they are Single Use Plastic Cups.

In our catalogue you will find PS Crystal Cups in many different sizes and with plastic lids, ideal for moving around with your drink. They are ideal plastic cups for Take Away businesses.

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